Hotel monthly and weekly apartments. Cheap rental accommodation


 We offer monthly and weekly apartments, hotel type the most convenient renting accommodation in Tokyo and Yokohama, no extra charges or guarantor required
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OPEN: 9:30-17:30
Sunday and national holiday

From short to long term fully furnished apartments
The cheapest accommodation you can find in whole Tokyo and Kanagawa, we provide cable internet connection and the best condition in all our apartments.
No need for guarantor or key money, no extra charge
For relaxing and confortable life choose our apartments.
The most inexpensive hotel style Tokyo , Yokohama.

Tokyo/Yokohama Inexpensive apartments hotel type
Cheapest accommodation
 No payment in advance
 Yokohama area apartments
"Yokohama community" -Tookaichiba
JR Yokohama Line - Tookaichiba station walk 3 minutes .
11 min to Shin Yokohama station on JR Yokohama line, connect to Shinkansen
"Sugita" "Isezaki "
JR Keihin line, Sugita station walk 7 min
JR Negishi line to Shin Sugita station walk 3 min
5 min walk from Bandoubashi Station
(subway:Yokohama Shieichikatetsu line)
For Yokohama station 8 min
"International Community "-Aobadai
Aoba Dormitory  Tokyu Dentoshi line Aobadai station walk 15 min
                     JR Yokohama line
Tookaichiba station walk 12 min

Tokyo area apartments
"Shinjyuku" "Nishi Shinjyuku"
8 min walk from Shinjyuku station on  Yamanote line and others
2 min walk fom Shinjyuku Sanchoume station on Marunouchi line
JR line 7 min walk from Shinjyuku station. Walk 4 min from Ohkubo station on JR Chuo Soubu line.
"Shin Ohkubo" "Kita Ikebukuro"
6 min. walk from Shin Ohkubo station on Yamanote Line
6 min walk from Higashi Shinjyuku station on Ooedo line
Toubu Toujyou Line Kita-Ikebukuro station walk 4 minutes!
JR Saikyo Line walk 4 minutes from Itabashi station!
"Shibuya" "Tamachi"
JR Saykio line and others 3 min walk from Shibuya station.
8 min walk from Tamachi station on Yamate line.  11 min walk from Mita station on subway Mita line
"Takaido" "ShimoTakaido"
5 min walk from Takaido station on Keio Inogashira Line From JR Keio line Shimo takaido station walk 2 min
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